Pitch Pine (Pinus rigida)

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A short pine with 3-5-inch needles in bundles of 3; bark in dark reddish plates; cones up to 3 inches long, prickly, often opening and remaining on the branch for years; tufts of needles often arising directly from main trunk.

by Michael Kuo

Habitat: In pure stands in dry areas, or mixed with scrub oaks and maples; northeastern United States from about southern Maine to northern Georgia.

Stature: 40-60 feet high; to 2 feet in diameter; with an open, irregular crown.

Needles: In bundles of 3; 3-5 inches long; yellow-green; often twisted; often arising in tufts directly from main trunk.

Bark: Dark reddish brown; in large plates.

Cones: 1.5-3.5 inches long; egg-shaped to conical; each scale tipped with a tough prickle (at least when young); often opening but remaining on the branch for years.

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Pinus rigida

Pinus rigida

Pinus rigida

Pinus rigida

Pinus rigida

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