Colorado Pinyon Pine (Pinus edulis)

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Small, scraggly pine in arid foothills of the southern Rocky Mountains; needles 1-2 inches long, in bundles of 2, curved inwards; cones small, with thick scales.

by Michael Kuo

Habitat: Usually in arid foothills, at about 4,500-8,500 feet in elevation; in pure (but not dense) stands, or mixed with Gambel oak and Colorado juniper.

Stature: 10-40 feet high; trunk to 2 feet in diameter; with an irregular, scraggly crown.

Needles: In bundles of 2 (rarely 1 or 3); 1-2 inches long; dark green to bluish green; stiff and sharp; curved toward the twig.

Bark: Gray and plate-like, with reddish brown areas showing through furrows.

Cones: 1-2 inches long; roundish or oblong; scales thick.

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Pinus edulis

Pinus edulis

Pinus edulis

Pinus edulis

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