Rocky Mountain Juniper (Juniperus scopulorum)

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Bushy conifer in dry, Rocky Mountain ecosystems; leaves scale-like; bark gray to reddish brown, in long strips; fruit a bluish berry.

by Michael Kuo

Habitat: In dry ecosystems, from deserts to ponderosa zones; in pure stands or mixed with other trees.

Stature: 40-60 feet high; trunk 15-30 inches in diameter; pyramid-shaped or irregular.

Needles: Scale-like and tightly pressed to branchlets; pale to dark green.

Bark: Thin; in peeling strips; gray to reddish brown.

Fruit: Berry-like; about 1/2 inch across; greenish at first, becoming bluish with a whitish bloom.

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Juniperus scopulorum

Juniperus scopulorum

Juniperus scopulorum

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