Norway Spruce (Picea abies)

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Forest Types: (Introduced)


Non-native spruce, widely introduced; cones large, 4-7 inches long; needles arising from tiny pegs; branches often drooping.

by Michael Kuo

Habitat: Introduced European species planted in urban settings, in parks, as wind breaks on farms, and in pure plantations after logging operations.

Stature: To 100 feet high; to 2 feet in diameter; branches typically with drooping foliage; pyramid-shaped.

Needles: Under 2 inches long; green; attached to tiny pegs.

Bark: Brown to reddish brown; smooth to shallowly plate-like.

Cones: 3-7 inches long; light brown.

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Norway spruce is a European tree that has been introduced in many North American environments, and it would not surprise me to discover that some of its mycorrhizal partners may have been introduced with it. I have found some very curious species of Amanita and Agaricus under Norway spruce in parks and lawns.


Picea abies

Picea abies

Picea abies

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