Tamarack, or Eastern Larch (Larix laricina)

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Conifer in swampy northern areas with deciduous, tiny needles emerging in clusters from lateral branch-spurs; cones under 1 inch long.

by Michael Kuo

Habitat: In boreal bogs and swamps; extending farther north in range than any other North American tree.

Stature: To 60 feet tall and 2 feet wide; with an open, irregular crown.

Needles: Just over an inch long; very thin; in clusters of 10-20, emerging from lateral branch-spurs--or sometimes emerging directly from branches, in tight spirals; turning brown and falling every year.

Bark: Thin; reddish brown; smooth becoming scaly with age.

Cones: Under 1 inch long; brownish.

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Suillus cavipes and several other species of Suillus are exclusively mycorrhizal with tamarack. Trichaptum laricinum is exclusively associated with the deadwood of tamarack.


Larix laricina

Larix laricina

Larix laricina

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