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The Genus Crepidotus

[ Basidiomycota > Agaricales > Inocybaceae . . . ]

by Michael Kuo

This genus of small, brown-spored pleurotoid mushrooms contains a multitude of boring whitish to brownish species and a few (well, two) that are more interesting. The rare Crepidotus cinnabarinus is bright red, and Crepidotus crocophyllus usually features yellow to orange gills . . . but pretty much everything else is brown or white, and requires extensive microscopic study for accurate identification. If this sounds like fun to you, I invite you to explore the wonderful world of Crepidotology. Alternatively, you can call your collection a "run-down elevator" (a decrepit Otis) and have done with it.

If you are bound and determined, microscopic features used to separate species in Crepidotus include the anatomy of spores, cheilocystidia, and pileipellis, as well as determining the presence or absence of clamp connections. Hesler & Smith's 1965 monograph of the genus in North America is the starting place for identification work, but Mexican researchers Victor Bandala and Leticia Montoya have made substantial contributions to North American Crepidotus research in a series of recent publications (2000a, 2000b, 2008a, 2008b)--and they have simplified the picture somewhat by widening species concepts and allowing for more variability in features.

Crepidotus alabamensis
Crepidotus applanatus
Crepidotus cinnabarinus
Crepidotus crocophyllus
Crepidotus stipitatus
Crepidotus vulgaris


Crepidotus crocophyllus

Crepidotus vulgaris

Crepidotus alabamensis

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