Bishop Pine (Pinus muricata)

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West-Coast pine found in the Fog Belt and in Baja California; needles in bundles of two; cones clustered, 2-4 inches long.

by Michael Kuo

Habitat: Growing in a wide variety of forest types, from dry ridges to boggy lowlands; in pure stands or mixed with other trees; often an enthusiastic colonizer of burned areas; coastal California.

Stature: 30-80+ feet high; to 3 feet in diameter; with a rounded crown.

Needles: In bundles of 2; 4-6 inches long; dark yellowish green.

Bark: Thick; purplish brown; furrowed.

Cones: Usually in clusters of 3-7; 2-4 inches long; not symmetrical.

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Pinus muricata

Pinus muricata

Pinus muricata

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