Water Oak (Quercus nigra)

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Southeastern oak with small, roundish, nearly black acorns; leaves variable but usually shaped like a funky spatula blade with 3 loosely defined lobes at the end.

by Michael Kuo

Habitat: Usually in moist to wet areas; southeastern United States; often found with sweetgum.

Stature: 50-100 feet high; trunk to 2 feet in diameter; with a rounded crown.

Leaves: 2-6 inches long; very variable but usually shaped like funky spatula blades with 3 loosely defined lobes--but sometimes with 3-7 well defined, deeply cut lobes; dark bluish green above; paler below.

Bark: Gray to black; furrowed and widely ridged in age.

Acorns: Bitter; more or less round; nearly black; to 2/3 of an inch long; enclosed at the base in a shallow cup with hairy scales.

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Quercus nigra

Quercus nigra

Quercus nigra

Quercus nigra

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