Chestnut Oak (Quercus montana)

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Eastern oak with scalloped leaves that are not lobed, with only slightly paler (not whitish) undersides; acorns 1-1.5 inches long; bark deeply furrowed (not scaly).

by Michael Kuo

Habitat: Mixed with other hardwoods or occasionally in pure stands in dry, upland woods; eastern United States.

Stature: 50-70 feet high; trunk to 3 feet in diameter; with an open, spreading crown.

Leaves: 4-9 inches long; elliptical, with a narrowed end; with scalloped edges; not lobed; yellow-green above; slightly paler (but not markedly paler or whitish) below.

Bark: Dark gray, reddish brown, or black; deeply furrowed (not merely scaly).

Acorns: Sweet; oval to egg-shaped; brown; 1-1.5 inches long; enclosed at the base in a cup with fused scales.

Note: This tree is also sometimes given the scientific name Quercus prinus.

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Quercus montana

Quercus montana

Quercus montana

Quercus montana

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