Stone Pine (Pinus pinea)

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Mediterranean pine with long needles in bundles of 2; bark becoming deeply fissured between large plates; crown sparse and umbrella-like; cones fist-sized and egg-shaped.

by Michael Kuo

Habitat: In pure or mixed stands in sandy coastal areas; Mediterranean.

Stature: 40–100 feet high; to 3 feet in diameter; with a distinctive sparse and open, umbrella-like crown when mature.

Needles: In bundles of 2; 4–8 inches long; dark green.

Bark: When young orange and papery; at maturity very thick, with large plates that are reddish brown to orangish or nearly whitish; deeply fissured, with black between the plates.

Cones: 3–6 inches long; egg-shaped; lacking sharp prickles.

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Pinus pinea

Pinus pinea

Pinus pinea

Pinus pinea

Pinus pinea

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