White spruce (Picea glauca)

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Northern spruce tree with needles 1–2 cm long and cones 4–5 cm long; peg-like projections angled in the direction of the branches; cone scales with smooth, rounded edges.

by Michael Kuo

Habitat: In boreal bogs and swamps, as well as in gravel and sand in dunes along the Great Lakes, or in interior forests.

Stature: 50–90 feet tall and 1–2 feet wide; with a spire-like shape and a narrow, pointed crown.

Needles: 1–2 cm long; 4-sided; dark green, sometimes with a whitish bloom.

Bark: Thin; grayish brown; smooth becoming plated or scaly with age.

Cones: 4–5 cm long; cylindric; scales with smooth, rounded edges; brown to reddish brown.

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Picea glauca

Picea glauca

Picea glauca

Picea glauca

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