Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis)

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Forest Types: Appalachian Cove / Southern Hardwood / Oak-Hickory


Understory tree with heart-shaped leaves; producing brilliant purple flowers in spring and pea-like seed pods in summer and fall; growing east of the Great Plains.

by Michael Kuo

Habitat: Understory tree typically mixed with other hardwoods; often in bottomlands and along streams, but not limited to these areas; growing east of the Great Plains; widely planted as an ornamental.

Stature: Rarely 40 feet high; to 2 feet in diameter; usually smaller, spreading and shrub-like.

Leaves: 3-5 inches across; simple; alternate; heart-shaped; toothless; with a point at the tip; dark green.

Bark: Thin; gray; smooth or finely scaly when mature.

Flowers: Brilliant purple; 5-petaled; in bundles.

Fruit: A pea-like pod 2-4 inches long.

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Frequent Mushroom Associates:

I am unaware of any mushrooms exclusively associated with eastern redbud. Since the tree occurs as an understory tree in a wide variety of eastern forests, however, many mushrooms should be expected in its vicinity. Morel hunters often expect yellow morels when eastern redbud is in bloom.


Cercis canadensis

Cercis canadensis

Cercis canadensis

Cercis canadensis

Cercis canadensis

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