Water Birch (Betula occidentalis)

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Bush-like tree growing in crowded thickets near mountain and northern streams; leaves 1-2 inches long, pointed-oval, with toothed edges and fewer than 9 pairs of veins; bark smooth and bronze colored.

by Michael Kuo

Habitat: Montane western North America and northern North America; along streams and in canyons; growing in dense thickets.

Stature: To 25 feet tall but usually shorter; with an open crown and climbing branches.

Leaves: 1-2 inches long; more or less egg-shaped; with toothed edges; with fewer than 9 pairs of veins.

Bark: Smooth; dark bronze.

Fruit: A winged strobile about an inch long.

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Betula occidentalis

Betula occidentalis

Betula occidentalis

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