Striped Maple (Acer pensylvanicum)

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A shrub or small understory tree; leaves 3-lobed and finely toothed; bark thin, green to reddish brown, conspicuously striped; growing in northeastern North America.

by Michael Kuo

Habitat: Found in various forest types as an understory tree, often densely populating the understory of birch-hemlock forests.

Stature: 10-25 feet high (sometimes up to 40 feet in the Smoky Mountains); to 8 inches in diameter; when mature featuring a compact crown.

Leaves: 5-6 inches long; simple; with 3 lobes; smooth; doubly toothed; yellowish green above; paler below.

Bark: Thin; green at first, later reddish brown to grayish; conspicuously striped with whitish to green vertical stripes.

Fruit: A reddish brown "helicopter" under an inch long.

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Acer pensylvanicum

Acer pensylvanicum

Acer pensylvanicum

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