Dwarf Maple (Acer glabrum)

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Shrub or small tree reaching only 10-30 feet; leaves with 3-5 lobes, toothed; fruit a small "helicopter"; growing in various montane and lowland habitats in western North America.

by Michael Kuo

Habitat: Usually in moist areas, from mountain streams and canyons to lowlands.

Stature: 10-30 feet high; under 1 foot in diameter; with a narrow crown.

Leaves: 3-5 inches long; simple, with 3-5 lobes--but occasionally compound or nearly so, with 3 leaflets (both forms illustrated); prominently toothed; smooth; dark green above; light green below.

Bark: Reddish brown; smooth.

Fruit: A reddish "helicopter" under 1 inch long.

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Acer glabrum

Acer glabrum

Acer glabrum

Acer glabrum

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