Unidentified Cortinarius Collections

05169502: May 16, 1995, Coles County IL
In moss under oak. Spore print rusty brown. Cap 8-30 mm; roundish with inrolled margin in specimens still possessing the cortina, becoming bell-shaped to convex with a wrinkled margin, finally bell-shaped with umbo and uplifted margin; lightish brown becoming dark cherry brown; darkening with moisture; splitting from margin with age. Cortina white; cobwebby; leaving some quickly disappearing fibrils on cap margin and stem. Gills flesh tan becoming rusty brown; notched, with a tooth; nearly distant in mature specimens. Stem 20-40 x 3-8 mm; equal with a slight bulb at base; colored like the cap below, lighter above; tough when young. Odor mildly fragrant; taste mild. Pileipellis dark red-brown in KOH; cutis. Hymenial cystidia not found. Spores ellipsoid, often with an amygdaliform hint; 7-9 x 5-6; moderately verrucose.

09120404: September 12, 2004, Emmet County MI
Cortinarius cf. phrygianus. Scattered and gregarious under white cedars and hemlock. Caps to nearly 20 cm; convex becoming planoconvex; at first olive with innately fibrillose brown center; expanding to yellowish with dark brown center; margin soft with veil remnants. Gills attached; close; dull yellow becoming rusty. Stem initially clavate, becoming more or less equal; to 10 x 2 cm; lower portion peronate with yellowish to whitish veil, with a yellowish annular rim at the top. Flesh white unchanging. Odor fragrant. KOH on cap deep red to black. Pileipellis a cutis, not appearing gelatinized; elements 5-15 wide, hyaline to ochraceous, clamped. Cystidia not found. Marginal cells occasional. Spores subglobose to ovoid; 5-6 x 4.5-5; weakly to moderately verrucose.

11230402: November 11, 2004, Douglas County IL
Gregarious under oaks and hickories. Caps convex to broadly umbonate or plane; margin a little inrolled; 2-6 cm; dry; minutely silky-fibrillose; golden brown to bronze; KOH reddish. Gills attached; close; creamy becoming tan, then rusty brown. Stem 2-4 x 1-3 cm; with a rimmed basal bulb; lilac when young, becoming golden brown; dry; sometimes with rusty cortina remnants; finely fibrillose. Flesh whitish. Odor not distinctive. Pileipellis an ixocutis of hyaline, clamped elements about 5 wide. Cystidia not found. Spores 12-14 x 6-7; amygdaliform to limoniform; moderately verrucose.

01150507: January 15, 2005, Sonoma County CA
Under Bishop pine. Cap umbonate to papillate, becoming broadly umbonate; innately fibrillose; black becoming dark reddish brown or grayish. Gills yellowish at first; eventually reddish brown; attached; subdistant. Stem to 40 x 4 mm; whitish; longitudinally fibrillose, with a rusty zone; gray to whitish; nearly peronate. Cortina whitish. KOH on cap black. Odor and taste mild to slightly spermatic. Spores ellipsoid; 8-10 x 4.5-6; slightly verrucose. Pileipellis a cutis. Hymenial cystidia not found.

09110501: September 11, 2005, Emmet County MI
Gregarious under white pine, balsam fir, and northern white cedar; sandy soil on Lake Michigan. Caps 3.5-7 cm; convex becoming planoconvex; dry; tan to brownish yellow; KOH dark gray to black; glabrous at first, developing fine scales over the disc. Gills attached to notched; pale snuff brown becoming rusty yellowish brown; close; lamellulae frequent. Cortina whitish. Stem to 4 x 2 cm above; dry; with a rimmed basal bulb; whitish, discolored rusty brown along the rim; basal mycelium white. Flesh whitish unchanging. Odor none. Pileipellis a cutis, perhaps slightly gelatinized; elements dark orange-brown, conspicuously clamped, to about 5 wide. Cystidia not found. Spores football-shaped; 9-11 (-12) x 5-6; nearly smooth to weakly verrucose.

10030508: October 35, 2005, Coles County IL
Under oaks, hickories, and maples. Caps convex becoming plane; to 7 cm; dry; very finely appressed-fibrillose; pale yellow-brown or yellowish creamy; the margin not lined, a little inrolled; KOH negative to grayish. Gills notched; subdistant; lamellulae frequent; pinkish brown, darkening somewhat with age; whitish-marginate. Stem to 5 x 3 cm; more or less equal, or with a tapered base; flaring to apex, which is a little grooved-striate; with a rusty zone of scattered veil fibrils; hollowing; whitish, discoloring tan or brownish; dry; smooth or pruinose. Cortina white. Flesh whitish unchanging. Odor fragrant. Taste not distinctive. Spore print bright orange-brown. Spores ellipsoid; about 7-9 x 5; weakly verrucose.

04290602: April 29, 2006, Lincoln County MO
Wet conditions. In moss under white oaks and maples. Cap 8-18 mm; conico-umbonate, expanding; initially tawny brown with a paler margin, becoming dark brown overall; margin becoming a little split and translucent-striate; glabrous; hints of veil threads on youngest margin. Gills broadly attached or decurrent by a tooth; lamellulae scattered; pale tan becoming brown, with slightly paler edges. Stem to 30 x 4 mm; more or less equal, or flaring to apex; exannulate; concolorous with cap or a little paler. Context watery brown. Odor none; taste slightly raphanoid. Pileipellis a cutis with hyaline and brown elements. Hymenial cystidia not found. Spores broadly ellipsoid to vaguely subovoid; 7-8 x 5-5.5; moderately verrucose.

05050603: May 5, 2006, Coles County IL
Scattered in moss under hardwoods. Caps 1-3 cm; convex becoming planoconvex or broadly umbonate; hygrophanous; cinnamon brown; somewhat silky; the margin sometimes developing faint striations; KOH black; margin with tiny, hairlike veil remnants only visible with lens. Gills narrowly attached; close or nearly subdistant; lamellulae frequent; pale tan, becoming cinnamon. Stem to 50 x 5 mm (mostly skinnier); equal; pruinose; exannulate; basal mycelium white. Context pale pinkish brown; hollow in stem. Odor a little sharp, slightly spermatic. True cheilocystidia not found, but bundles of marginal cells (?), hyaline in KOH, subclavate to clavate or nearly cylindric; sometimes septate once or twice; to about 25 x 8. Pleurocystidia not found. Spores mostly subfusiform; 7-9 x 5-6; weakly to moderately verrucose.

07270703: July 27, 2007, Coles County IL
Cortinarius cf. caerulescens. Scattered under sassafras, red oak, hickory saplings, and hop hornbeam. Cap 4-9 cm; broadly umbonate to broadly convex, expanding to more or less plane; light purple, with dull yellow veil; margin not lined; pink with KOH; glabrous. Gills close; notched; initially dirty yellowish, then lilac, then rusty; lamellulae frequent. Stem to 6 x 1.5 above; bulb more or less marginate; dry; fibrillose; pale purple; rusty ring zone; veil dull yellow. Flesh whitish, yellowish, and purplish. Odor foul. Pileipellis a cutis, perhaps slightly gelatinized; elements clamped, about 5 wide, hyaline to yellowish. Cystidia not found. Spores (on gills) 7-9 x 4-5; weakly to moderately verrucose; amygdaliform to limoniform, with a snoutlike end. 15% KOH on bulbipellis reddish.

05100802: May 10, 2008, Coles County IL
Under oaks and hickories. Cap 5-32 mm; planoconvex becoming more or less plane; moist; probably hygrophanous; KOH negative. Gills attached but receding with maturity; close; lamellulae frequent; orangish-brownish, even in buttons. Stem to 40 x 5 mm; more or less equal. Odor, taste not distinctive. Hymenial cystidia not found. Pileipellis sub"cellular." Spores 7-8 x 5-6; ellipsoid; moderately to strongly verrucose.

06040802: June 4, 2008, Coles County IL
Scattered under hardwoods in oak-hickory forest. Caps 2-4 cm; umbonate; silky; medium yellow-brown; hygrophanous. Gills broadly attached; close; lamellulae frequent; now medium brown; edges concolorous. Stem to 50 x 4 mm; slightly clavate below; with a whitish ring zone; whitish to brownish. Cortina whitish. Odor not distinctive. Spores ellipsoid; 7-9 x 5-6; slightly to moderately verrucose.

06180803: June 18, 2008, Clark County IL
Scattered in moss under Carpinus, beech, white oak, and dogwood, with a maple understory. Caps 15-25 mm; umbonate-convex becoming broadly umbonate; glabrous; margin not lined; hygrophanous; dry; dark brown becoming tan; KOH negative. Gills broadly to narrowly attached; close or nearly crowded; lamellulae frequent;now dull brownish. Stem 2-3 cm x 1-3 mm; more or less equal; glabrous; exannulate; without cortina remnants; dull tan; basal mycelium whitish. Odor of crushed cap pungent. Flesh watery tan unchanging. Pileipellis a cutis. Spores football-shaped; 7.5-10 x 5-5.5; weakly to moderately verrucose. Lamellar edges striking: yellow in KOH, contrasting with everything else . . . comprised of a layer of cheilocystidia mostly about 25 x 3, cylindric with a rounded apex, or occasionally subfusoid, somewhat gelatinized (?) in places. Pleurocystidia not found.

08200802: August 20, 2008, Chaffee County CO
Gregarious in moss under spruce. Caps 15-30 mm; papillate becoming umbonate to planoumbonate, retaining a small central bump; dry; glabrous; brown (639); shiny; KOH negative to grayish; splitting radially with maturity. Gills notched; close or subdistant; lamellulae frequent; immature color unknown; now rusty yellowish. Stem 40-60 x 4-6 mm; more or less equal; finely pruinose; base slightly swollen; basal mycelium white; cortina collapsed into a high, rusty zone. Flesh white unchanging. Odor fragrant. Pileipellis a cutis of hyaline to brownish elements. Hymenial cystidia not found. Spores ellipsoid; 8-10.5 x 5-6; slightly to moderately verrucose.

09140805: September 14, 2008, Missaukee County MI
Gregarious in sandy, grassy soil under red oaks and aspens. Wet conditions. Mature caps 5-9 cm; planoconvex to broadly umbonate; glabrous; medium orangish brown; possibly hygrophanous; KOH negative to olive-ish; surface perhaps whitish silky when young; margin becoming irregularly wavy and splitting. Gills notched; close; orangish brown; lamellulae frequent; possibly orangish young but unclear; now cinnamon. Stem to 5 x 2 cm; equal above a slightly swollen base; whitish; subpruinose; with a rusty ring zone. Flesh whitish unchanging. Odor slightly fragrant. Pileipellis a cutis. Hymenial cystidia not found. Spores long-ellipsoid; 8.5-11 x 4.5-5.5; weakly to almost moderately verrucose.

09220805: September 22, 2008, Coles County IL
Gregarious under white and red oaks, with maple understory. Caps 5-9 cm; convex; dry; silvery lilac gray (571) with scattered, inconspicuous, yellowish veil remnants; more lilac toward margin; KOH grayish-reddish. Gills notched; close; lamellulae frequent; purple in buttons, becoming pale purple and eventually rusty brownish. Stem to 6 x 3 cm; more or less equal above a marginate bulb; lilac; with copious rusty cortina remnants; bulb with a dull yellow underside (veil). Context whitish with purplish areas. Odor not distinctive. Pileipellis a cutis, not particularly gelatinized; elements 5-10 wide, hyaline to ochraceous, clamped, often a little encrusted. Cystidia not found. Spores 10-11 x 5-7; limoniform; moderately verrucose. 15% KOH on bulbipellis reddish.

08280901: August 28, 2009, Coles County IL
Scattered under oaks and hickories. Cap 1-2 cm; convex becoming planoconvex; glabrous; medium brown (719) becoming orange-brown (687); KOH negative. Cortina whitish; fragile; only visible in button. Gills attached; close; lamellulae present; whitish then yellowish then yellowish brown. Stem 31-35 x 3-4 mm; equal or slightly clavate; glabrous, or with some fibrils on the basal half; basal mycelium white. Flesh pale brownish unchanging. Odor not distinctive. Spores ellipsoid; 7-9 x 5-6; weakly verrucose.

05281007: May 28, 2010, Clark County IL
Scattered in moss under white oaks, with beech and sassafras saplings near. Caps 25 mm; very broadly umbonate; medium brown, hygrophanous to yellow-brown; silky-fibrillose; margin not lined; KOH slowly black. Gills broadly attached; subdistant; lamellulae frequent; pallid becoming brownish. Stem 28-32 x 4-6 mm; equal or slightly clavate; brownish; exannulate; pruinose; basal mycelium whitish. Flesh watery brownish unchanging; odor not distinctive, or a bit raphanoid. Pileipellis a cutis, elements hyaline to reddish brown in KOH. Hymenial cystidia not found. Spores 8-9.5 x 5-6; more or less ellipsoid; moderately verrucose.

05301001: May 30, 2010, Coles County IL
Gregarious in moss under red and white oaks. Caps convex and medium dark brown, hygrophanous to buff; becoming umbonate; 1-3 cm; glabrous; KOH negative. Cortina wispy and whitish; only present in tiniest buttons. Gills close or crowded; broadly attached to slightly notched; lamellulae frequent; pallid becoming dull reddish brown. Stem 4-5 x up to 1 cm; equal; exannulate; whitish becoming brownish. Flesh whitish unchanging. Odor none. Spores football-shaped; 7-9.5 x 4-5; moderately verrucose.

06171003: June 17, 2010, Coles County IL
Gregarious under red oak, hickory, white oak, cherry, and maple. Mature caps 2-4 cm; umbonate; dull orangish brown, hygrophanous to yellow-brown; with a silky sheen; KOH negative. Young caps convex-umbonate to conic; darker orangish brown with a pale margin where cortina attaches. Gills broadly attached; very pale brownish buff becoming medium orangish brown; close; lamellulae frequent. Stem 35-70 x 3-10 mm; initially subclavate, becoming equal; finely pruinose/fibrillose; whitish; without a ring zone. Cortina white; soon gone. Flesh whitish unchanging. Odor not distinctive. Pileipellis a cutis; elements often brownish. Hymenial cystidia not found. Spores golden in KOH; ellipsoid; 7-9 x 5-6; very weakly verrucose.

01121108: January 12, 2011, San Mateo County CA
Gregarious under tanoak, live oak, Douglas-fir; near a redwood stump. Caps 5-9 cm; convex becoming planoconvex; dray and shiny but appearing once-viscid; brassy; dull orange-brown but yellower near margin. Cortina quite tough, perhaps from dried gluten; white. Gills nearly whitish in buttons, becoming lilac-pink, then orange-brown; attached; close. Stem 6-8 x 1.5-2 cm; tapered to a semi-rooting base; peronate; whitish to brownish below orangish brown fibrillose ring area. Flesh white, turning a little orangish and yellowish when sliced. Odorless. Pileipellis an ixocutis of clamped elements. Spores 13-15 x 7-9; ellipsoid to nearly amygdaliform; moderately verrucose.

05291101: May 29, 2011, Coles County IL
Gregarious under white oaks, with hop hornbeam and maple understory. Caps 25-50 mm; umbonate-subconic, becoming more or less plane, with a shallow umbo; glabrous; hygrophanous; dark gray-brown becoming yellow-brown; margin whitish when very young; KOH gray to black or purplish black. Gills broadly attached; close; lamellulae present; pale creamy becoming dull brown. Stem 40-60 x 4-5 mm; equal; with a slight, ephemeral ring zone; brownish overall; pruinose. Odor not distinctive. Pileipellis a thin cutis over a cellular layer. Spores broadly ellipsoid; 8-10.5 x 5-6; moderately verrucose.

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