Leccinoid Fungi Data Sheet

Collector's Name and Email:

Collection Date:

Collection Location:

Collection County, State/Province, Country:


Elevation (where relevant):

Solitary   Scattered   Gregarious   Clustered

Apparent mycorrhizal associate (if any):

Trees within 20 feet:

Trees within toppling range (any tree that could hit the collection location if it were toppled):

Further Ecological Data:

Dimensions of cap and stem:

Staining reactions of flesh after being sliced (wait up to 30 minutes, and record stages--for example, pink then gray, or gray without a pink stage):

Color reaction of cap, if any, to a drop of household ammonia:

Further morphological data not provided in photos:

Photos are (circle one):    emailed     enclosed

Other Notes:

Terms of Contribution: Please note that, by contributing your specimen, you agree to allow us to publish information regarding your collection (but not your e-mail address or personal information, of course) in not-for-profit scientific publications, along with your photographs. In the event we do publish scientific papers or web pages resulting from study of your specimen, we will contact you to see if we might publish your name in the acknowledgments of the article, to publicly thank you for your contribution--but if you prefer it, your contribution will remain anonymous. And, of course, we will send you a copy of (or link to) any such publication.