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Figure 2: Habitat information for "Leccinum griseum" from online herbarium records

Note: 16 records found; 5 records without habitat information are excluded from the table. Habitat for these collections may or may not be provided in collectors' notes and other associated documents in the herbaria.

Depositor#YearStateHabitat InformationHerbarium*/Notes

R. E. Halling24771978MAUnder oaks.NY
R. E. Halling48081986MAUnder Quercus & Betula.NY
A. H. Smith154101940MIDry Quercus woods.MICH
A. H. Smith840111972MIIn Quercus woods.MICH
D. Guravich1581972MSIn lawns under broad leaved trees.MICH
D. Guravich6491975MSUnder Quercus.MICH
D. Guravich7301975MSUnder Quercus.MICH
W. B. Cooke7301969OHOn ground in hardwood woods.MICH
K. A. Harrison125851974NSUnder Quercus in cemetery.MICH
DermekNo #1967Slovak.Under Corylus avellana & Carpinus betulus.MICH
K. H. McKnight154811975Czech.In mixed deciduous forest.BPI

* NY = New York Botanical Garden; MICH = University of Michigan; TENN = University of Tennessee; OSU = Oregon State University; BPI = US National Fungus Collections. Differences in database scripting allow me to link individual records only for NY, TENN, and OSU; to see records in MICH and BPI, perform a search from the linked pages. Warning: some of the database scripting is archaic, and some of the servers are extremely slow.

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