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Figure 1: Habitat information for Leccinum longicurvipes from online herbarium records

Note: 6 records without habitat information are excluded from the table below; habitat for these collections may or may not be provided in collectors' notes and other associated documents in the herbaria. 5 records from MICH (in purple font) representing Smith collections with no online habitat information have been checked against physical documents in the herbarium; see further notes below. Entries in red font appear to exclude the possibility of association with oak.

Depositor#YearStateHabitat InformationHerbarium* / Notes

R. E. Halling24661978MAUnder Quercus sp.NY / Photo online but suspect;
same photo for REH 6890
R. E. Halling24671978MAUnder oaks.NY
R. E. Halling24691978MAUnder Quercus sp.NY
R. E. Halling24701978MAUnder Quercus sp.NY
R. E. Halling38081984NJUnder oaks.NY
R. E. Halling38281984CTUnder Tsuga & Fagus.NY / Photo online
ID suspect; see photo
R. E. Halling47851986MA----- but location is "White Oaks Road"NY / Photo online
R. E. Halling48091986MAUnder Quercus sp.NY
R. E. Halling68901992SCUnder oak & pine.NY / Photo online
R. E. Halling69031992NCUnder oak & pine.NY
H. E. Bigelow85611959MAUnder oak.NY / Photos, coll. notes online
ID suspect (see photo)
H. E. Bigelow157961969MAUnder white pine.NY / Photos, coll. notes online
ID suspect; bluing context
H. E. Bigelow178181977MAUnder oak.NY / Coll. notes online
A. H. Smith101331938TN-----MICH / Paratype
A. H. Smith103201938TNUnder pine and oak.MICH / Syntype; photo
A. H. Smith105071938TN-----MICH / Paratype
A. H. Smith676021963MIUnder Quercus.MICH / ID suspect; see below
A. H. Smith815381972MIUnder Vaccinum [sic].MICH
A. H. Smith816181972MI-----MICH
A. H. Smith818101972MI-----MICH
A. H. Smith862271975MI-----MICH / ID N. S. Weber
A. H. Smith864121975MIUnder Vaccinum [sic].MICH
A. H. Smith907221980MIEdge of bog.MICH
W. Patrick22881970MITsuga with some Pinus strobus, Acer, Betula, and Fagus.MICH
D. Guravich11211980NCUnder Pinus strobus & rhododendron.MICH
N. S. Weber45631980SCUnder Pinus strobus in mixed woods.MICH
W. B. Cooke376731966OHMixed woods.MICH
K. A. Harrison107781971NCMixed woods.MICH
K. A. Harrison108331971NCIn mixed woods of Quercus & Pinus.MICH
K. A. Harrison108661971NCMixed woods (Quercus).MICH
K. A. Harrison110381971NCMixed woods.MICH
K. A. Harrison111121971NCMixed woods.MICH
K. A. Harrison111231971NCMixed woods.MICH
K. A. Harrison112241971NCMixed woods with Quercus.MICH

I have examined Smith's collection notes in MICH for Boletus longicurvipes collections that do not specify habitat in online records. No habitat information was found in Smith's accession book entries or notes for these collections.

Collection documents for A. H. Smith 67602, in MICH (collected by B. Isaacs "under oak" in Michigan, 1963) raise the possibility that the collection does not represent Leccinum longicurvipes. Smith's accession book entry says "Boletus longicurvipes," but his collection label says "Boletus longicurvipes?" (Smith's question mark), and the collection notes read "Boletus longicurvipes? rubropunctus" in Smith's handwriting--above which someone else has written "Leccinum rubropunctum." The remainder of Smith's handwritten notes consist of a macrodescription:

Pileus 4 cm. broad, convex, surface viscid, ground color yellow (dingy ochraceous) this overlaid with a reddish brown reticulum, margin even. Context soft, white, taste mild, odor none, FeS04 - 0.

Tubes depressed, +/- 1 cm deep, [illegible; sides?] soon brown where cut; mouths dingy pale yellowish, staining brownish where bruised, round, +/- 2 per mm.

Stipe 7 cm. long, 7 mm at apex, equal, solid, pallid throughout, not staining when cut. Surface reddish in mid part, yellowish at apex and base, scabrous punctate but the ornamentation not darkening.

The colors of the cap and the bruising pore surface are suggestive of something besides Leccinum longicurvipes, but Peck's Boletus rubropunctus is not a good match for Smith's description, either.

Leccinum longicurvipes and Boletus longicurvipes were searched in all databases. No collections in TENN or BPI included habitat information. No collections of this taxon were found in OSU.

* NY = New York Botanical Garden; MICH = University of Michigan; TENN = University of Tennessee; OSU = Oregon State University; BPI = US National Fungus Collections. Differences in database scripting allow me to link individual records only in the case of NY; to see individuals in other herbaria, perform a search from the linked pages. Warning: some of the database scripting is archaic, and some of the servers are extremely slow.

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