County & State:

Ecosystem:  Oak-Hickory ... Spruce-Fir ... Riparian ... Aspen Grove ...
Elevation (where relevant):

Solitary   Scattered   Gregarious   Clustered

SUBSTRATE:   Soil   Moss   Sphagnum   Litter

    Litter type if clearly associated:  Oak leaves ... Needle duff ...
    Apparent mycorrhizal associate (if any):  Mushrooms growing in arcs under dripline of a tree ... growing in a pure stand of trees ... frequently at the bases or within a few feet of a certain tree ...
    Trees within 20 feet:  Canopy AND understory trees; also saplings, and woody plants in the Ericales (huckleberry, kinnikinnick, etc.). If unidentified, specify hardwood or conifer.
    Trees within toppling range:  Any tree which, if it were toppled over, could fall on the mushroom.


    Standing, live   Standing, dead   Stump   Log   Stick
    Base of tree   Above ground
    Decorticated   Partially decorticated   Bark adnate
    Rot type:  Stringy, white ... Brown cubical ...
    Identity of tree (if possible):  Many conifers develop branches in annual whorls, allowing at least a guess as to conifer/hardwood.
    Trees within 20 feet:

Further Information: